Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Easy Chicken Pot Pie

Here is a very easy recipe for Chicken Pot Pie. Anyone can make it!

slightly adapted from Anne

2 frozen Pillsbury (or store brand) Deep Dish Pie Crusts (red box in egg/cheese
section of grocery)
3 breasts of chicken, cooked and chopped. OR 2 cans of chopped cooked chicken
1 large can Veg All (I use store brand mixed veggies in can)
1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese (can also substitute Velveeta)
1 can Cream of chicken soup (click here for a substitute)
1 stick of margarine or butter (I used 3 tbsp to be healthier)
½ cup of chicken broth (either use canned or save ½ cup from boiling chicken).

Cook and chop chicken. I typically cook it by boiling it, but you can also bake it in the oven. Save ½ cup broth. *Remember you can just use canned chicken, I have found it inexpensive and easier!*

Boiling chicken – I put the chicken in water in pot. Cook on high to boiling state. Then turn down heat to medium or medium low for 20 + minutes. You will need more than 20 minutes if chicken is frozen. It will be closer to 20 minutes if chicken is not frozen.

Take pie crusts out of refrigerator and put on counter to thaw. You need to thaw them 15 minutes before putting the pie together.

In a big pot on the stove, melt butter. Add can of Cream of chicken soup, stir. Add broth, stir. Add cheese, stir. Take the pot off the stove.

Drain Veg All can. Add Veg All and chopped chicken to pot and stir.

Add pepper to taste.

Unroll (1) pie crust and press it into the bottom of pie pan. Poke with fork.

Pour entire mixture into pie pan. Unroll (1) pie crust and put on top of pie. Press edges together and poke holes with fork.

Bake 350 degrees for 1 hour or until crust is golden brown. ( I only had to cook it for 45 minutes.)

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