Sunday, January 17, 2010

Earth Fare Pantry Makeover

Do you have an Earth Fare health food store where you live? They recently opened one here in Chattanooga, TN. I'm all for healthy and organic food, but sometimes I find it too pricey for my budget, so I don't visit supermarkets like this one often. But I was convinced to give it a try after talking with one of my friends. They have a program on their site for a FREE Pantry Makeover! Now this doesn't mean you can trade in everything in your pantry, but you can bring in five designated items (whether they are almost empty or full) and trade them in for the same five items, only the Earth Fare healthy version. I'm not one to pass on anything that is free, so I last week, I tried it out. Let me first start off by saying that Earth Fare is beautiful inside; very clean, colorful, and the employees seemed knowledgeable and happy to be there. I brought my printed voucher (see below) and a box of Froot Loops (about a handful was left in the bag), an almost empty container of Peter Pan peanut butter, half of a 2 liter of flat coke, salad dressing I didn't like anyway, and a half used jar of jelly. I left with a bottle of vitamin water, a full size jar of organic blueberry jelly, a box of organic granola cereal, a full size jar of organic peanut butter, a bottle of organic salad dressing, and a jar of brown rice syrup (this wasn't included in the pantry makeover, but I have been looking for it for a recipe and Walmart doesn't carry it, so I was thankful they had it!) all for under $6 (since I had to pay for the brown rice syrup)! I think that is a pretty good deal! Earth Fare also has a weekly, or biweekly "boot challenge" where you take a survey of which item, based on the ingredients, you would "boot" from your pantry and then they give you a voucher to print out to bring in your old item, and get a new one. All you have to do is go to the Earth Fare website, and create an account, and they will give you access to the pantry makeover form and everything else. I also noted that when their items are on sale, the prices aren't outrageously priced. So, this mommy may just make another trip there in the future. Especially if they keep sending me coupons for free stuff!

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Siggy said...

I just saw this!
I discovered Earth Fare on our vacation to Asheville. It is seriously AWESOME! They have an INSANELY amazing kids menu in their cafe, and kiddos eat free on Thursdays I think. Total SCORE!


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