Saturday, May 8, 2010

Whole Wheat Bread

Last week, I tried out another whole wheat bread recipe. I got it from my friend Nancy at Casual Cuisine. This one used 100% whole wheat, I used King Arthur's Whole Wheat Flour. It was delicious. As I have found with most whole wheat bread I have made, it is more dense than store bought. I'm still trying to find the perfect homemade sandwich bread. My oldest son loves any bread I make, but my younger one isn't thrilled with the more dense bread. He eats it when I make him, but he would rather have Nature's Own. Please let me know if you have a great whole wheat sandwich bread recipe I could try! Other than that, this bread is delicious. My husband has been eating a slice of it each morning, toasted with butter and honey on it. He loves it. This bread only has one rise, and that rise happens in the oven, so it makes it a little easier. I also halved the original recipe, changing the amounts of ingredients slightly, so if you want to see the original recipe that yields two loaves you can click on the Casual Cuisine link below.

Wheat bread
slightly adapted from Casual Cuisine

3 c flour Whole Wheat Flour (I use King Arthur's Whole Wheat.)
1 1/4 c warm water (temp 110-115 degrees)
1/4 c oil
1/4 c honey
1/2 TBSP yeast
1 tsp salt
oats, optional (for sprinkling on top)

Combine water, oil, honey, and salt into the mixer. Mix until well blended.

Next, add half of the flour. Mix until just blended.

Add the yeast, mix again until just blended.

Add remaining flour and mix until just blended. If your bread seems really dry, add a teaspoon of water at a time until all ingredients are incorporated. I also added a drizzle of honey at the end too. Let it rest for 10 minutes.

Knead by machine for 6 minutes.

Put it into greased loaf pan, sprinkle oats on top, press into bread, and let it rise in a warm oven (I usually do around 170 degrees), covered, for 45 minutes or so. I had to let mine rise for an hour.

Remove covers. Turn oven up to 350, and bake for 25-30 minutes (until the top is golden brown).

To cool, loosen with a butter knife and place on cooling rack.

Use a pastry brush to brush a little butter over the tops for a nice soft crust.


Michele said...

Did you see this bread I posted? Super soft!

Michele said...

Amber, I bought my powdered milk months ago and I don't think I've even used half of it. It lasts a while. I have never checked for wheat gluten at walmart. If you have a larger walmart they may have it and yes, it would be on the baking isle. I found wheat gluten at my local grocery store. You may have a small specialty store that sells kitchen stuff, food processors and harder to find products. We have one called Kitchen Kneads, you may find something similar. Good luck.


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