Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Spices Inc. GIVEAWAY!!

OK, I promised you guys another giveaway this month, and here it is! This one is a little different, because you'll have to do a little work, but it will be fun work. Have you heard of Spices Inc.? I actually hadn't until I won a 6 jar spice set a couple of months ago on the foodie blog. I picked which spice set I wanted and they shipped it out very quickly. The owner and founder, Greg, was actually the one emailing me to help me with my choice. I received the spices wrapped up nicely and they looked and smelled awesome! I chose the chicken rubs and seasonings set. Later this week I will post a recipe I made using one of the spices I received.

Now, here's where you can win your very own set of spices. And when I say very own, I mean that. You will be creating your ideal 6 jar spice set. To create your own 6 jar spice set you can choose any combination of spices, herb, dried chile, extract or gourmet salt from the Spices Inc. site. And let me tell you, there are a ton of awesome things on their site! In addition to choosing your 6 favorite jars, you'll need to come up with a cool name for your spice set. The winner will be receiving this special edition spice set, and Spices Inc. will add it to their spice set page so anyone else who likes it can buy it too! How neat is that? When you have come up with your set and named it, post it in our comments section below and leave your email address as well.

I am expecting great things from you guys! Since it's a holiday week and you'll need time to peruse the Spices Inc. website, I'm going to run this contest until TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 30th at NOON. The person with the most creative jar set and name will be chosen by Spices Inc. owner Greg Patterson, and we will post the winner by the end of that week in December.

So, do you have it? Are you pumped to win some of your very own yummy, healthy, unique spices? Head on over to Spices Inc. to get started!! If only I could participate in this one! Good luck to you all, and I just can't wait to see what you guys come up with!


Alison said...

Congrats! You've been awarded the Stylish Blogger Award. I always enjoy visiting! ~Prairie Story

susitravl said...

Necessities For Delicious Desserts

Vanilla Extract


JeeperWeepers said...

"A Taste of the Orient"

Curry Powder, Sweet
Ground Cloves
Cinnamon Powder
Nutmeg Powder
Ginger Root Powder
Cumin Seed, Ground


Diana S said...

"Make Your Mama Sweat"

Habanero Flakes
Chipolte Salt
Cayenne Pepper
New Mexico Chili Powder
Ground Cumin
Organic Garlic Powder


cristinasdelish said...

DELISH (first letter of each spice creates word "delish")

Deep South Dry Rub
Esspresso Rub
Lemon white pepper
Italian Seasoning
Salt free Thai Spice
Habanero chilli powder


Unknown said...

The World Kitchen Connection

Adobo Lime Rub
Ras El Hanout
Cajun Rub Hot
Maharajah Style Curry Powder
Paella Seasoning
Piri Piri Seasoning


Lisa said...

The Tagine Taster

Cinnamon sticks, Ceylon
Organic cumin, ground
Organic turmeric powder
Ras el hanout
Cayenne pepper (hot)
Organic coriander seed powder


Cynthia said...

Pickled Pink

Pickling Spice
Himalayan Pink Salt
Pink Peppercorns
Coriander Seed
Grains of Paradise
Bay Leaf

boris dot cynthia at gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Warm Your Heart & Home




Jennie Brooks said...

I'm calling my group of spices "Mama Spice" because it's a grouping of things I've found to be key in this pregnancy:

Mexican Seasoning
Pizza Seasoning
Garlic & Herb
Hawaiian Course Table Salt
Vanilla Extract
Organic Cocoa Powder

Lindsey said...

"A little of this and a little of that"

Organic Saigon Cinnamon Powder
Deep South Dry Rub
Chinese 5 Spice
Hickory Salt
Organic Herbs de Provence

Anonymous said...

Sweet & Spicy Self-Starter Spice Set

This is our "Limited Edition Spice Set" and was created by Ann, who is a busy mom that cooks & bakes in spurts! This spice set will assist you in becoming a self-starter in regards to cooking/baking with a sweet & spicy flair, some spices you will know very well & some will help you get outside the box to try new spices at least maybe for you and some new dishes too!

1. Apple Pie Spice, the one that most of us know. Known as the Sweet Spices. I can’t wait to be baking/cooking some new apple dishes!

2. Ceylon Cinnamon, new kind of cinnamon to broaden our cooking/baking skills. The true cinnamon, popular in Mexico & Europe. Best for desserts & spiced breads.

3. Crystallized Ginger (aka Candied Ginger/Glaze Ginger), Can’t wait to use the new recipes that calls for this! I hear desserts & baked goods are coming!

4. Lime Zest, tangy, slightly sweet…great to use in salsas, rice dishes, and with fish or chicken recipes.

5. Allspice, another one that most of us know…Tropical Spice…Spicy!.

6. Cardamom, now what is Cardamom? I am excited to learn something NEW in the kitchen with this spice. The Queen of Spices in India, it is fruity & lemony.

This set of “Limited Edition Spice Set” comes with recipes to get you to become a self-starter in the kitchen and also assists those that are already self-starters to continue to be the wonderful cooks/bakers you ARE!


Larilyn said...

The Easy As Pie Collection (spices I use the most frequently in my pies!):

Apple Pie Spice
Pumpkin Pie Spice
Almond Extract
Cinnamon Powder
Vanilla Extract
Lemon Peel

Larilyn said...

Oops, I guess I was going by noon according to the wrong time zone. Sorry!


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