Friday, April 29, 2011

Flashback Friday- Sweet and Sour Chicken and Update

It has been a wild three weeks for me and my family. I wanted to do a quick update. As I have mentioned previously, my sister got married this month, so I was out of town for a long time getting ready for that. After returning home for 3 days, I received a phone call that my grandfather, who I am very close to and just stayed with for 10 days, was admitted to the hospital with double pneumonia. After being admitted, he took a quick turn for the worse, and a few short hours after I arrived the next day, he passed away. After a couple trips back home and back to Nashville for the funeral, a minor car accident (not my fault by the way), and terrible storms yesterday I am ready to lead a boring life, that is until my sweet baby girl arrives. (Which by the way is in less than 7 weeks!)   I appreciate your patience as I didn't have quite as many posts last week and thank you to my sweet friend Nancy at Casual Cuisine that did a guest post for me this week, I'm hoping things get back to normal next week.

Now that I've shared sad news, I want to share very exciting news. If you don't follow me on facebook, you probably haven't heard my exciting news. A few weeks ago, I found out that This Mommy Cooks is listed on Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution page under "food bloggers." This is big and exciting news because there are only 14 blogs listed, and mine is one of them! How cool is that??? If you don't know who Jamie Oliver is, he is big time! He has cooking shows and a prime time show on ABC called Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. He is on a mission to get parents, schools, and just about everybody to eat healthier foods. I am honored to be listed on his site! If you haven't checked out his site, you should. I've begun watching his show on Tuesday nights and I am learning so much! I know you will too. And now that I've rambled enough here is my recipe for Flashback Friday.

This is one of my absolute favorite dishes I have on This Mommy Cooks. My family loves it and everyone who I know that has tried it has loved it as well. It is so delicious and paired with homemade fried rice makes this the perfect meal. Click here for the original recipe.

This recipe is linked to It's a Keeper Thursday and Prairie Story.

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Anonymous said...

It is such a mouth watering dish.thanks for sharing.I am so hungry!


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