Thursday, January 14, 2010


Welcome to This Mommy Cooks! I am a stay at home wife and mother to two young boys, and I love to cook! I have been blogging about my recipes on my other blog, which is dedicated to my family, but I've decided to dedicate an entire blog to cooking as well. So, even though this blog is new, there are posts from as far back as three years. I hope you enjoy this blog, as much as I enjoy updating it. Everything I cook is relatively easy and my kids usually eat it, which is sometimes the most important thing! I am not a short order cook, and my kids will eat what I fix *most of the time* (even though meal time is sometimes a battlefield!), so I take that into consideration when fixing dinner. Cooking for kids, doesn't mean your limited to spaghetti and hot dogs! Introducing "adult food" to them at an early age is very important. I remember my oldest son was eating tilapia when he was only a year old. So, welcome to This Mommy Cooks: from my kitchen to yours, no short order cooks here!

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