Friday, July 9, 2010

my not so fruitful garden

So, I had fully anticipated having a huge garden, providing me with lots and lots of vegetables and fruits. Well, it had other plans. My garden is growing, very slowly, but it is growing. But the caterpillars and my dogs evidently don't want to see it succeed in providing me with food. After applying organic plant food to the garden to help it grow faster, my dogs found the plants to be very tasty. Since applying the food last Friday, my dogs have dug up one tomato plant, one zucchini plant, and two cantaloupe plants. Not to mention the caterpillars who ate ever single bit of my broccoli. (I knew the broccoli wasn't going to be successful because I planted it too late.) So at this point in the summer, I am still hopeful, still watering, feeding, and nurturing my garden, but I'm not so sure it will give me even one lousy tomato. We shall see...I'll keep you posted.

pitiful caterpillar eaten broccoli
teeny tiny cucumbers
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Kristen said...

There's still time. We are starting to get some green tomatoes, but it doesn't look like they're ready to be red yet (or for a few weeks). Hopefully your garden will be fruitful soon! :)

Joelle said...

I definitely feel your pain. It is so discouraging when you work so hard and in the end it doesn't turn out the way you had hoped. I have had a very similar problem. But instead of bugs and dogs, I put pine bark chips in my dirt (as recommended by the company that sold us the dirt) and little did I know that pine bark has resin and kills plants. Needless to say, my entire garden died off. But I am surprised to find that some of the plants are coming back and starting to grow and produce fruit. Hang in there, God will provide.

They often say the first year is the toughest when starting a garden. Don't give up.

Domestic Kate said...

Ha - I feel your pain! Between heirlooms being persnickety and unpredictable, having some weird fungus on my squash, and having ants that I can't seem to get rid of, we haven't had the first bite yet. I do see pea pods and a cucumber has started, and I see that we might get some 'maters, but it's been disappointing. Last year, all I had to do was throw seeds in the yard to get great stuff! Guess you just never know how it will turn out. :)


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